About Palia Tracker

The first tracker, the Palia Gift Tracker was made to help me keep track of which villagers I have gifted for the day and who still needs to be gifted to improve the relationships with all villagers of the game.

After hours of playing Palia (you should try it, if you haven't already) this website emerged out of my frustration of using spreadsheets to track my daily gifts process to prevent forgetting who I already gifted and talking to the same villagers over and over again. So I decided to take advantage of my background as a software developer and tried to make my life easier by creating the Palia Gift Tracker.

Since I like using the tracker myself, I thought it might be useful for other players as well. So I decided to put it online and spread it out to the world.

Palia Daily Gifts Tracker

You can use the Gift Tracker to keep track of your daily gifts in the game Palia. Each villager can be ticked off as gifted for the day. Moreover, you can sort the villagers by their possibility of being gifted - it moves all finished daily gifts to the back of the list. So you can focus on who still needs to be gifted.

If you max level a friendship you can hide each villager from the list. So you won't be distracted by them anymore. No worries if you hide a villager by accident - you can display them again by setting the filter 'Show hidden (x)' and unhide them.

Palia Weekly Wants Tracker

You can mark each villagers weekly want as gathered, if you already collected the weekly gift or have it in your stash. So you can easily see who you can surprise with their weekly want as daily gift. Moreover, if the weekly want was given to the NPC, you can mark it as gifted as well to keep track of your weekly want progress and let you focus on the villagers who still need their weekly wants.

If you don't have a weekly want for a villagers yet, you can click on the heart icon to see a list of general liked gifts for the villager. So you can easily find everyday gifts for them.

How it works

The tracking works by storing the marked gifts in your browser. So the data is only stored on your device and not on any server. Unfortunately this also means that if you access the PGT from another device there won't be your progress stored.

Unfortunately the weekly gifts are not updated automatically, therefore they might be outdated until I can update them for the current week.

Moreover the data needs to be reset manually by the resetting buttons 'Reset Daily Gifts', 'Reset Weekly Wants' or 'Reset All'.

No personal data is stored anywhere on this website.

Contact & Feedback

Feedback is highly appreciated and can be provided on Discord (Role 'Palia'), via the Feedback Form or E-Mail. If you have any requests or questions, feel free to contact me.

Credits and Special Thanks

Credits go out to Palia Wiki for providing amazing data all around the game Palia. Moreover, some sources also may have their origin from Palia itself.

© Palia image rights reserved by Singularity 6. This site is fan-made and not affliated with Palia or Singularity 6.

Also special thanks to Paliapedia for providing such great resources.

Very special thanks go out to nehalist.io for supporting me whenever needed.

PGT is built with Next.js, shadcn, and tailwindcss.


Short overview of the functionality of the icons used in the PGT

Mark/unmark as gifted

Mark/unmark as gathered

Mark/unmark as chatted

Mark/unmark as gifted romantically

Opens list of general liked gifts for villager

Hide the villager from list (get back by filter 'Show hidden ')

Show hiddern villager again

Gift may be bugged

Switch to Grid View

Switch to List View

Reset Button can be used to reset/clear different kinds of selections